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Hair Inspiration: Gray & Short

pink-gray-hairWhen I was jogging around the Silver Lake Reservoir yesterday, I saw a woman with beautiful gray hair cut in the coolest short haircut. I really couldn’t really tell how old she was… She wasn’t exactly a 20-something rocking the new gray hair trend, but she was far from an old lady too. She was in incredible shape and looked gorgeous. As I have stated on HOTB before, I think there is something so bold and attractive about gray hair on the right woman. And it has been completely redefined in recent years. With celebs like Pink, Kate Moss, and Kelly Osbourne going as far as dying their locks gray, and older actress like Jamie Lee Curtis wearing their gray hair proudly.

Disguising gray hair can be a never-ending battle, says Infusium 23 hair health expert Gavin Harwin, but women can now embrace all shades of gray. He provides these gray hair tips–for natural of not gray hair:

  • With gray hair, it’s important to avoid things that look like roller sets and teasing. Think simple and modern, not retro, to keep it fresh.
  • Gray hair can be drier and coarser. Add moisture and control frizz with Infusium 23 Frizz Controller Leave-In Treatment, which infuses the hair cuticle with nutrients to provide smoothness, control and protection against frizz.
  • Try a cool, short haircut which makes gray hair look young and fresh, like Pink!