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Fergie's Lovely Locks


I got a PR email from L’Oreal Professionnnel saying that Fergie keeps her hair looking so rich, chocolaty and fab while on tour, thanks to her traveling hairstylist, Jason Medina and that he uses L’Oreal Professionnel Richesse Demi-Permanent Professional Haircolor on her locks. Medina says this hair color contains Ionene G + Incell with Apricot Kernel Oil to reinforce the structure of the hair, Oleo elements to recharge the hairfiber, and Topcoat Polymer to add shine, and it is the key to keeping Fergie’s luscious chocolate locks looking shiny and fresh day after day.

Whenever celebs do hair color in a box commercials (ala Sarah Jessica Parker for Garnier Nutrisse), I never believer they actually use the stuff in real life. Like, yeah right, your ass is totally at Byron & Tracey in Bev Hills getting your color done! Not dripping over your bathroom sink. Gurlpls.

What do you think. Do the celebs who do those hair color in a box commercials REALLY use the stuff or not?