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I met with Jordana Lorraine over at Dino-Clark Salon in Santa Monica yesterday to discuss my favorite HOTB topic: Extensions! Actually, I just thought of something. I wonder if Jordanna would rather do/discuss extensions or Brazilian Blowouts, as she is a whiz at both. Anyway, Jordana was super sweet in person, and I felt like I’d known her forever since I’ve interviewed her a bunch of times. (Check out Guide to Types of Hair Extensions, In-Depth Guide to Hair Extensions, and In-Depth Guide to Brazilian Blowouts!) It was great to finally meet in person, and it was exciting to discuss what type of extensions we were going to use on my hair… Oh yes, kids, I am finally going to get some extensions of my own, so stay tuned for that! I also met with Kristen Gaby to talk about wedding hair. Dun, dun, duuuuuuuun. Thinking maybe wavy with one side up in a clip of some sort? Which means that now I have to find a clip… So add that to my to-do list. I still need: shoes, bracelet, earrings, purse, and now hair clip. I am forgetting something, I think…


Guess who else got hair extensions? Kate Moss. Betch is totally copying me.

On June 5th she was spotted leaving the Ivy Club in London with just-past her shoulders hair, but then a few nights ago she was snapped leaving the Hazlitt’s hotel in Soho with super long locks! They’re a little messy, but I like them in a rock ‘n roll way… I think she’s cool enough to pull this off–ala not Lindsay Lohan. But what do you think? LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT?

P.S. If you want extensions of your own or a Brazilian Blowout OR just some all-around great hair, head to Dino-Clark:

Dino-Clark Salon
3110 Main Street, Suite 110,
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 922-2645