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Tough Girl Classic


Jennifer Sample, a stylist at Elysium Salon in Charleston, South Carolina, sent me these super cool photos of her client. I love this half-shaved look + curls. It’s totally fresh! I sometimes get tired of shaved sides on celebs, but any real person who has the guts to rock this style, is totally rad in my book. Jen answered some HOTB questions about the cut…

Hair On The Brain: Can you talk about how you and the model decided to go for this daring style?

Jennifer Sample: The model is also a fashion stylist, and the photoshoot was to model some of her own work. Her style is very edgy and modern with some vintage eclectic pieces mixed in, so I thought a tight feminine curl would be a cool way to soften the harsh lines of a shaved head. The model pulls it off very well. She’s both tough and feminine, and I think that is a must for having this hairstyle!

HOTB: Is this a cut you do a lot at Elysium Salon?

Jen: Elysium Salon is a very well rounded salon, we have clients of all ages and ethnicities, so I feel like we get to do all kinds of work–from classic to modern and edgy.

HOTB: Is there a way to style the half-shaved look to cover up the shaved part, if you don’t always want it exposed?

Jen: There is definitely a way to style your hair to cover up the shaved side. You simply part your hair deep on the other side, typically right above the edge of your eyebrow. It works particularly well for someone with thick dark hair.


HOTB: Do you think this look is sort of “classic”, in a badass sense of the word? Or does it have an expiration date?

Jen: You can never tell what is going to be in style from one day to another. I think that is what is so exciting about the fashion industry–it’s ever changing. In my humble opinion, this style is up and coming and will stick around for a while.

Thanks, Jen! And stylists, if you’d like to see your work featured on Hair On The Brain, send me and email here with pics!

Elysium Salon
4 Liberty St
Charleston, SC 29401
(843) 937-0700


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