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Silver Goes Short


I saw Jessica Stroup on E! News the other night and her hair is so short. I don’t watch 90210, so I’m not sure when this cut happened, but it’s cute!


It’s kind of like a modified pixie, instead of being short all over, she has longer layers in the front. Jessica had the chin-length wavy bob for a while. Remember? I even posted about How To Get The Jessica Stroup Bob


But, semi-recently she took it much shorter. She told People, “I wanted to do the Audrey Hepburn thing.” And when she saw someone else with the cut, she got the guts to finally do it. “What sold it was when I was walking down the street outside my house, and one of my neighbors was rocking the short hair,” she admits. “And I finally I took a picture [of her] and said, ‘I’m going to copy you, are you cool with that?’” She does add that a lot of people don’t recognize her with her new cut, “and a lot people think that I’m a boy,” she jokes. “But some people think it’s chic, and when I hear that I have to give them a big hug.”

Well, hugs for HOTB because I love the look. What do you guys think?