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Sex and the City 2 Premiere


Sarah Jessica Parker hit the red carpet for the premiere of Sex and the City 2 in New York. She looked floaty and fabulous in an  asymmetrical fluorescent yellow Valentino chiffon gown from the spring 2010 line. Love the flying hair, SJP! That color is just simply amazing. AMAZING.


The first season of Sex and the City was recently OnDemand and I re-watched it, and man, that show started off really great. It’s still good in a sort of eat an entire bag of cotton candy until you feel sick way, but it use to be good-good.


Kristin Davis looked very much like Charlotte at the premiere with her hair in a classic bun and her bubblegum pink dress. Very sweet, but very boring in my opinion.

Kim Cattrall & Cynthia Nixon after the break!


Kim Cattrall needs to be a little less painted, I think. A little more classic? I have seen pictures of her recently where she looks prettier than this, and I think it’s because she is slightly toned down, but whatever.


Ugh, why am I so picky? It’s a curse. I love Cynthia Nixon as an actress but this dress looks way too heavy and somber. Walking in it looks annoying. And I think that strawberry blonde hair color washes her out. In my opinion, Sarah Jessica totally looked the best!

What did you think of Sarah Jessica, Kristin, Kim, and Cynthia? Will you be seeing the movie the night it opens?

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