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Sex and the City 2 Hair Secrets


Hairstylist Mandy Lyons, of Sally Hershberger Downtown, has created the gorgeous hairstyles of Sarah Jessica Parker and Parker’s alter ego, Carrie Bradshaw for the last eight years. ELLE was granted an exclusive interview with Mandy and discovered what went on behind the scenes of Sex and the City 2.


ELLE: How have Carrie’s hairstyles changed since the last SATC movie?

Mandy Lyons: Now that Carrie’s married, we wanted her hair to be more grownup and sophisticated. You’ll see that for the bulk of the movie, she wears these big brushed-out waves that are very glamorous–we don’t normally do that to her hair. The brushed-out style is reminiscent of Jerry Hall and Bianca Jagger in the ’70s. There’s also a bit of Old Hollywood mixed in there.


ELLE: Tell us about the stylish bun that Carrie wore for Smith Jerrod’s movie premiere.

Mandy Lyons: I use a lot of hairpieces that I design with a wig maker in New York. We create these pieces that can be clipped in very quickly so that when there are rushed changes from one scene to another I can take one piece off and chuck another piece in. For the bun, we backcombed SJ’s real hair and wrapped two ponytail extensions around it. I left a few pins showing so that it’s not completely perfect–I like her hairstyles to be a tiny bit flawed so that they seem human.

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