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Platinum Seamless Extensions

I came across this interesting video of Bonnie Fuller getting hair extensions from celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson. (You know, the guy who did Kate Gosselin‘s extensions.) The type of extensions he used on Bonnie are Platinum Seamless, which are relatively new. They literally stick to your scalp* with adhesive strips, which kinda freaks me out. Does that really stay put? And wouldn’t it pull out your real hair? Supposedly not…

Other things worth noting with Platinum Seamless extensions: You can only condition the bottom of your hair because you can’t conditioner where the adhesives are. And you can only blow dry the adhesive area with the cool setting so you don’t melt the adhesives. Prices range from $500 up. And, of course, they use real human hair. (Scalped off some praying woman in India. I saw Good Hair!) The only salon I saw listed as “certified to do Platinum Seamless” in Los Angeles was The Chroma Studio, but the only extensions they list on their own site are Great Lengths so who knows.

    Extension experts: Do you guys know anything about Platinum Seamless extensions? What are your thoughts?

    *Edited to add: Jordana Lorraine just informed me that they are not taped to your scalp; they’re taped to the hair near the root. And Platinum Seamless extensions fall into the “Taped Wefts” category discussed in the Guide to Types of Hair Extensions. Still, something about having extensions taped in makes me leery… Like Nikki said in her comment, there are pros & cons to all the extension options, it seems.


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