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Look! We're in Love!

Jessica Biel-Justin-Timberlake-Metropolitan-Museum-Of-Art-2010-Costume-institute-Ball

Jessica Biel (hair goal!) and Justin Timberlake looked wedding-ready at last night’s Metropolitan Museum Of Art’s 2010 Costume Institute Gala in NYC. Break-up rumors and Cameron Diaz rumor be damned. I love Jessica Biel, but I think she could do better.

Jessica Biel-Justin-Timberlake-Metropolitan-Museum-Of-Art-2010-Costume-institute-Ball-1

I knooooow. Justin used to be the hottest, the bestest. But I feel like he has fallen off. What has he done for us lately? Aside from that fast food song with Timbaland. Fast food metaphors for sex, seriously? Whenever I hear that song, I get the feeling that they’re really just talking about food. Also, that Myspace movie that never came out… And now I guess he’s making a movie with Cameron. Whatever. We’ll see.


Jessica, however, I love. Even if she also never really does anything… At least she looks amazing doing it.


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