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I Do, My Way


I am still looking for shoes to go with my wedding dress. (Shut up. At least the invitations went out today.) And I still don’t know how I’m wearing my hair either. Last week I entertained the idea of cutting it all off and dyeing it blonde. I thought it might be cool to not recognize myself in my wedding photos. I know; analyze that.

But if there is one thing about me: I hate being told what to do and that includes stupid wedding beauty “rules”. (My main piece of advice to anyone getting hitched, don’t read about it online or in magazines, that will only make you craaaazy. They say you need to get your dress like fifty million months in advance and other ridiculous things.) Anyway, there is something freeing in doing the opposite of what everyone says to do.

I plan to change it up and feel like myself day-of, which actually would include randomly cutting all my hair off last minute, but thankfully I’m old and wise enough to know that might also send me into a tailspin of panic, if it went badly. So, instead I am just definitely NOT going to wear neutral nails, I’m wearing a short dress, and probably going to wear colorful shoes too… If I ever find a pair!

The minute I start taking this whole thing too seriously, is when it starts feeling like a total pain in the ass, which is sad. It’s suppose to be a party! For us!

That said, I can’t wait to just be married already so I can stop think about what I am going to wear. đŸ˜‰


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