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How To: Emily Blunt's Waves


Emily Blunt is one of my favorite hairstars on HOTB. She always looks truly fabulous, and her looks at the amFAR benefit at Cannes was no different. She was smoking in a George Chakra gown, bright red lips, and soft, natural, shiny hair.

Emily’s hair stylist Laini Reeves, the famed UK-born stylist (who is opening the EssensualsLondon Salon in LA next month) created the gorgeous look. “I wanted Emily to be beautiful and sophisticated, but to look her age with her hair down and flowing in soft waves that framed her face,” says Laini. “Since Emily was not only an event chair at the amFAR Cinema Against AIDS 2010 benefit, but was going to the party directly afterward, it was important to create a look that lasted long into the night,” she continues. “Emily has a lot of hair but it’s very fine and doesn’t always hold a wave, so I layered several Moroccanoil argan-oil infused products to give the hair a really nice healthy shine, but to hold the style as well.”

How To Create Emily Blunt’s Look:

  • First, Laini shampooed Emily’s hair with Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo followed by Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Conditioner. Next, she applied a few drops of Moroccanoil Treatment on Emily’s her wet hair, then mixed a cocktail of Moroccanoil Treatment with a pea-sized amount of Morocccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream and worked it through from root to ends to give the hair shine, strength, and a soft hold.
  • Once the hair was preped, Laini dried Emily’s hair using a diffuser to encourage natural waves, lifting the hair at the roots. “I also added a bit more Moroccanoil Treatment after I dried the hair,” she explains. “This product is fantastic because I can keep using more and more of it and it absorbs right in.”
  • Next, Laini went lightly over some of Emily’s waves with a large curling iron to give them more definition. “I wanted the hair to look natural and only curled the areas where the hair needed to be filled in,” she says.” Laini then raked her fingers through the hair to break up and separate the curls.
  • Laini then sprayed Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray all over the hair. “It’s my favorite hairspray; it holds the look but you can’t see it on the hair. It comes out in really fine mist and you can put more and more on without it getting sticky,” she states.
  • Laini finished Emily’s look with a soft mist of Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray so the hair looked even more luminous onstage.

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