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Cameron Diaz’s Hairstyles


Cameron Diaz is the quintessential blonde, California surfer babe, but she’s actually had a range of hair colors and worn a number of different hairstyles. Check it out!


Cam looks gorgeous in a bun. She wore this casual, centered bun here in ’07 and a higher updo in ’09. I love both looks. I also love her eyeliner. She did that black eyeliner look for a long time.


Crazy that Cameron had all these hair colors, right? She was dark brown in ’06, reddish brown in ’07 (kinda like her character in Shrek, Princess Fiona), and blonde this year. I like her as a blonde, but she did look pretty with all the different shades. What do you think?


This short hairstyle reminds me of when Cameron first hit the scene back in 1998 with There’s Something About Mary. She had this long hairstyle in ’09.

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