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Shear Genius Winner


Guess who won Shear Genius. No, not Janine. No, not Matthew. That’s right. BRIG WON.

Even though Janine and Matthew won practically every single competition during the entire show. Brig won the $100K after “styling” hair for Henry Duarte’s fashion show. I use the term styling loosely because all Brig really did was slick the hair back into buns (or, rather, Faatemah did) and make hats out of vinyl laminate dyed hair extensions. It was arts + crafts, it wasn’t hair styling.


I like Brig’s creativity. She’s a tryer and she’s good at being on a reality show. But I thought the overall objective was about doing good hair? Matthew and Janine did better hair consistently throughout the show… I think one of them should have won.


That said, I couldn’t help but feel a weird sense of relief for Brig when she won. She just tried so damn hard the whole show. The roller skates, the tutus, the doin’ it for Simi Valley, the urine yellow hair, the sub-plot of triumphing over adversity/Wonder Twins. Bravo totally bought what she was selling, so kudos to her.

And you know Matthew and Janine are going to be FINE. They both proved themselves to be amazingly capable, talented, creative hairstylists. Anyone who sits in their chair is lucky!

I’m interviewing Brig, Janine and Matthew tomorrow, so be on the lookout for my interview posts to go up! In the meantime, check out my other Shear Genius posts or go to

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