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Renee's Top Hairstyles


With all the talk of Renee Zellweger‘s hair, I decided to post about her past hairstyles that have been the best. Maybe she’s lurking on HOTB and will be inspired to return to one of these looks. ūüėČ I think Renee looks best with a just-past-her-chin bob. This length is exceedingly flattering on Renee’s round face shape, and it works well with her fine hair texture. It would be even better if she edged it up a bit with a slightly longer asymmetrical bob. This is my top pick for Renee.


I think short hair could also be a good option for Renee, but there are A LOT of examples of short hair gone terribly wrong on her… I think this cut is cute because of the side-swept bang action in front, but still the back section looks a little wonky, like those pieces aren’t quite cut to the correct length for this style. Any hairstylist have an opinion on that? It seems like when Renee’s short cuts go wrong, they’re just plain cut incorrectly. Could it be that Renee just needs a new stylist? Still, as far as short cuts go, this one is one of the best.


Bright blonde is super pretty on Renee, but I think sometimes she has a slight case of blondorexic. I’d like her with a cool, multi-faceted, bright blonde with some slightly darker undertones. The super duper blonde look washes Renee out and makes her pink skin tone even more pink. And since I apparently know everything: I don’t think bangs work on Renee. I like her much better with some side-swept fringe, like in the above picture, than full out wispy bangs.


Another option that would solve a few issues in one fell swoop: brunette! Dyeing your hair a darker shade immediately makes you look like you have more hair, and makes it look more shiny and healthy. Plus, I think a darker shade is flattering on Renee’s skin tone. Also, I think it helps when she does that kind of glowy and fresh looking makeup.


This is from way back in 2004. Pretty cute though, right? I’m guessing Renee had clip-in extensions here to fill out her hair. It’s an example of longer hair that works on her, though, and I looked through a lot of pictures where it did not work. Most of the time longer hair on Renee looks disheveled and straggly. But I think she looks really beautiful here, so I had to include it.

OK, your turn! Do you agree or disagree with my picks? And what is your favorite hairstyle on Renee?