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Renee's Do


There are so many celebs with new looks right now-or newish looks, at least. Spring is the season for overhauling your look! Renee Zellweger has a new look… I really don’t get Renee’s hair style choices. Her hair is baby fine, and I think she would benefit from the help of some hair extensions. Not an obscene headful, but just a tasteful amount.

Edited to add: word is Renee chopped her hair recently because her longer longer were becoming a “hazard” and that she got bored of having long hair. “It was sort of a job hazard sort of thing,” she told People magazine. “It’s not worth keeping after a while. It had to go. Shed the old.”

A job hazard sort of thing? Um… Ook. And Renee says that hairstylist Lori McCoy-Bell cut her hair in her dining room. “She was very brave,” Renee said. “She did a great job–I was just really glad that the other stuff was gone.”



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