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Julianna's W Curls


Very few female celebs wear their hair naturally curly, but Julianna Margulies is known for her beautiful curls. She shows those curls off beautifully on the May cover of W magazine with the help of celebrity hairstylist Eugene Souleiman. Read on to discover how Souleiman created Julianna’s look and how you curly girls can get it at home.

W: Tell us about the inspiration behind Julianna’s hair on the May cover.

Eugene Souleiman: I wanted to turn the volume up on what was originally there. It almost has that slight feeling of the early seventies, Guy Bourdin thing, but also very Mediterranean and sexy, like an amazingly beautiful Sicilian woman.


W: Did it take several industrial fans to get her hair flying around like that?

Souleiman: I was actually flagging her with a big piece of polyboard to lift her hair and make it fly!

W: Walk us through how you achieved the look.

Souleiman: To create volume, I sprayed Wella’s Crystal Styler [This product is only available in Europe] in her hair when it was wet, then blew it out so I could control the texture of her hair so it didn’t look too frizzy. Then, we used a curling iron. We also curling ironed two packs of weft [strips of faux hair]. We put the wefts in and just brushed it and brushed it, so it just kind of looked very, very light and soft. It was also a little more raw, not too polished, or controlled.

After the break, Eugene Souleiman explains how curly haired women at home can recreate Julianna’s hairstyle and a behind-the-scenes video of Julianna’s W cover shoot.


W: That does not sound like a wash and go style.

Souleiman: It may look like it, but that’s the thing when you look at stuff like this. It’s been worked in the right way so it doesn’t look worked, you know what I mean?

W: Sure. But is there any hope for the rest of us?

Souleiman: Once your hair is curly, put your head upside down, go through it with a brush, and then throw the hair dryer onto it to loosen everything up and get a little air in it.

Check out Julianna and Eugene in action in a video of the W cover shoot here:


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