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Jessica Simpson Hairstyles


When Jessica Simpson first hit the scene she was just another teen queen, but she’s managed to turn her marginal singing career into all kinds of celebrity, including reality TV shows, like The Price of Beauty, fashion lines, and even a line of clip-in hair extensions with her long-time hairstylist, Ken Paves. Even though Jessica is best known for her blonde hair, along with Ken, Jessica has experimented with a wide range of hairstyles. Above, Jessica is the classic all-American beauty with smooth, straight hair. She wore this look with a center part and weird bangs in ’03, layers in that same year (wow, really?), and an all one-length cut in ’09.


When you think of Jessica Simpson, you think of blonde. But she’s been blonde, brunette and even red. In fact, she was all of those colors in 2007!


I totally remember this pinned-back style with the matte waves from 2005! Jessica wore it to the MTV Movie Awards when she was still married to Nick Lachey, but there were all those rumors about her and Johnny Knoxville. Remember? Anyway. The sleek waves with middle part is from ’05.


It’s Secretary Barbie! Which updo do you like best? Shiny and smooth in ’06, undone in ’09, or matte from this year?


I’m not a huge fan of major hair hair accessories, so I am not loving this rose in Jessica’s hair. Do you think Ken Paves did that? The gold brooch is a little more subtle.


I totally forgot about the lip injections! That must have been in ’06, which is when she wore the two-toned copper-colored and bleach blonde look on the right.¬† On the left, Jessica rocked some pink streaks in ’03.


I love that Jessica is posing exactly the same in these two pictures! Which low-pony do you like better–the brunette textured from ’07 or the blonde straight pony from that same year?


What a difference volume at the crown can make, right? Jessica wore a half-updo with a seriously pumped-up crown in ’04 and loose waves in ’06. She has a great smile.

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