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Interview with Matthew from Shear Genius


Hair On The Brain: Congratulations on making it to the top three!

Matthew: Thank you.

HOTB: What were you thinking when you were standing in front of the judges with Brig and Janine. Did you have a sense of what was coming next?

Matthew: No, not really because you never really know what they’re going to like until they say it. They have pretty good poker faces.

HOTB: Were you surprised with the outcome?

Matthew: No. I mean, it makes perfect sense for television.

After the break, Matthew dishes on which judge had a man crush on him and what he really think of Brig’s win.

HOTB: There seems to be frustration from viewers that Brig won because she didn’t do much hairstyling…

Matthew: Yeah. Faatemah is the one that did all those buns.

HOTB: And even that was just slicked back hair.


Matthew: Well, at the end of the day it’s a hair show. So I wanted to get hairy. (Laughs.) But I’ve had more time to process it than America has, so for me it sucked at first but then I’m like, yeah, you know, whatever. It is what it is. I’m still going to come off great. And America is still going to know that I’m going to do great hair that’s much more wearable and interesting than the one who won. Those are my true judges.

HOTB: I think Brig comes off as a better reality show contestant, but I would rather get my hair done by you or Janine.

Matthew: I think everybody thinks that way, and that’s why I’m not really that worried about it. You know what? She can have this–this win and this $100,000 because it’s probably the only one she’s ever going to get.


HOTB: I talked to Janine earlier and she said you guys were going to hang out in LA this weekend.

Matthew: Yeah, we’re going to Disneyland! Her and I tied for first, you know? As far as we’re concerned, and I think everybody, we tied for first. So we’re going to go celebrate.

HOTB: Are you close with anyone else from the show?

Matthew: Faatemah. And I am kind of close to Adee, but not super close.

HOTB: Is there anything you would have done differently on the show?

Matthew: Absolutely not. I never changed my mind on anything. That’s how I got so far on the show–by not changing my mind and staying true to what I do and who I am.


HOTB: It seemed like you were definitely Jonathan Antin’s favorite…

Matthew: Yeah, I’m glad you said that because other people have said, that Jonathan doesn’t like you, and I’m like yes he does! It seemed like he had a little man crush on me.

HOTB: That’s what I thought too! So, are you glad you went on Shear Genius?

Matthew: Absolutely! I’m really glad I did it. Just to showcase your work like that, on that kind of a national platform was really cool.

HOTB: Have people been coming into Matthew Morris Salon looking for you?

Matthew: Oh yeah. It’s been great. There have been a lot of people who come in off the street just to see me in person, and then I have a lot of new clients too.

HOTB: What’s coming up next for you?

Matthew: I’m working on my own product line. I was doing that before I went on the show too, but it’s hard to do something like that. It takes a long time. So it’s in the research and development stage right now.

HOTB: That’s great. Is it going to be a full range of products?

Matthew: Yes. It’s definitely going to be styling based, but I live in Colorado so we definitely need very moisturizing things here. The shampoo and the conditioner to begin with are going to be very moisturizing. And after that we are going to just keep launching styling products. We are going to start in the salon—just doing some testing with it in the salon–and then take it nationwide and beyond.

Thanks for doing this interview with HOTB, Matthew. And keep us posted on the new product line. Check out more posts on Shear Genius or to bravotv.com/shear-genius.