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"I Grow It, I Cut It"


Heidi Klum was on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night talking about her new haircut. She said that she cut her hair because she got bored. ‚ÄúI got bored as we all do every once in a while as girls, so I chopped it off! I grow it, I cut it. Some people never change their hair and it works for them. For me, I get bored.”

I can relate to that! Changing your hair is fun. Who wants to stick with the same old thing forever? Although, I really don’t think of Heidi Klum as someone who changes her hair all that often or that drastically. Maybe she’s going to start?

What do you think of Heidi’s new short haircut? I like the length alright, but I’m not loving how it shapes around her face or all the layers.


I think Heidi would look great with a more angled, sleek bob with side-swept bangs, like this one on Hayden Panettiere. Thoughts?