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How To: Fishtail Bun

I talk about fishtail braids all the time on Hair on the Brain, but this is the first time I’ve seen the fishtail bun! This gorgeous updo was created by Charlotte Belk from Elysium Salon in Charleston, S.C. Here’s how to recreate this beautiful style…

Step one: Make sure you have a rubber band and a nice boar bristle brush, like a Mason Pearson handy. Begin by spraying Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray lightly on hair from roots to ends. This will give the hair a nice texture for an updo, as well as keep humidity out and tame frizzies.

Step two: Brush hair back into a low side ponytail and tie back with a rubber band. Then put a dab of Oribe Smooth Style Serum in the palm of your hand and rub together before lightly smoothing product over the top of your ponytail crown and then through the tail. This will add a polished look to the braid and top of the head.

Step three: Fishtail braid the ponytail and rubber band the bottom of the braid. If you need help fishtail braiding, go here or here. Wrap the braid around the rubber band at the base of the head in a counter clockwise motion securing the bun with bobby pins.

Finish: Spread out the fishtail braid in areas to make the bun larger by pulling the braid with your fingers. Pin in a few embellishments of your choice to pretty-up the look, you can choice silk flowers, like Charlotte added here, or real flowers, brooches, bows–pretty much anything! To finish, add Oribe Superfine Hairspray and a spray shine.