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How To: Brig Yellow


Over on Brig Knows Best, Shear Genius‘s Brig explains how she achieves her unique shade of Playskool yellow hair. Every four weeks Brig has to retouch her base color to warm up her natural color and lighten it a shade. On top of that, pale highlights are added. A yellow semi-permanent is also added to all of her hair. Because the yellow is a semi-permanent and some of it washes out each shampoo, Brig re-glazes all of her hair with the yellow every one-and-a-half to two weeks.

Brig also recommends asking your stylist to lock in the color using a “sealer” when they finish glazing. The sealer is put over the glaze at the shampoo bowl and left on for five minutes. At home, Brig recommends washing with cool water since warm water will lift your hair’s top cuticle layer allowing the color to fade faster.

And finally, here is Brig’s formula. Although it’s always worth noting that your existing color and natural hair color will always affect the coloring results, so don’t expect to achieve Brig’s exact color with this formula. And if you’re not a professional, you should probably go to a professional, unless you’re alright with hair surprises! Anyway, here is the color formula for those that are curious: