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Happy Earth Day!

BARBAR-Ceramic-Eco-8000-Blow-DryerHappy Earth Day! Receive 50% off your entire purchase at BARBAR good until the end of May. Promo code: MotherEarth

Be sure to check out the BARBAR Ceramic Eco 8000 Blow Dryer. It uses the latest in technology by having an eco-friendly ceramic heating element, as opposed to all standard dryers that have a coil heating element. The difference is use of electricity and output of radiation. The ECO 8000 has 5.0 mG (milligauss) output radiation. A standard 1,800 WATT dryer has over 200.0 mG! This amount of mG is comparable to the radiation output of a microwave. The ceramic heating element lasts 5x longer than a coil heating element. The ceramic heating element uses 90% electricity, turning it into heat. No energy is wasted, but saved. The coil heating element wastes electricity because it doesn’t use it, thus turning it into radiation. Unused electricity turns into radiation. The BARBAR ECO 8000 is truly eco-friendly.

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