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Hair Goal


Remember how I mentioned that my last haircut (not the one I just got at Argyle Salon & Spa from Rebecca, she was awesome! It was the cut before that… Not naming names but… ) The stylist went totally scissor happy and layer the eff out of my hair. And I am still super annoyed because, well, it wasn’t what I asked for in the first place and now that my hair is all Brazilian Blowout‘d and smooth and straight, you can see the super short layers a lot more clearly. I seriously have no idea what the stylist was thinking cutting layers THAT short in the side of my head. It looks kind of like, dare I say, a SHAG. gah. Every time I look at it, I get annoyed. It’s going to take forever to grow out! Le sigh. My hair texture is fine, but it’s not that far off from Jessica Biel‘s. This is how my long layered cut should look! My layers should be around chin length, not starting at ear level!

Here’s the take home lesson kids, watch what your stylist is doing. Don’t be afraid to go over with them exactly what you want, and how much length you want take off the ends and through the layers. Have them show you with a ruler or a comb exactly how much they think “one inch” or whatever you’re taking off means, because that measurement can mean different things to different people. And I can’t stress this enough, watch what they’re doing as they cut. It’s your hair, and you want to be happy with the outcome. A good, professional stylist will not be offended if you ask questions and are clear about what you want. If someone is put off by communicated with you about your haircut, get the hell out of there. And if they start hacking away, and you’re freaking, don’t just sit there silently, SAY SOMETHING!

Well, anyway, Jessica’s Biel’s long, swingy layers is my hair goal. Basically, no one is touching my layers with a scissor from now until I’m 50.¬† ūüėČ