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Gemma Arterton's Hairstyles

I was looking at pics of celebs today, as you do, and I came across this actress–Gemma Arterton. Do you guys know her? If not, you will soon. She’s an English actress who played Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace and Lo in Clash of the Titans. She’s really going to make a name for herself this summer in the humongo Bruckheimer blockbuster, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, which was adapted from a video game (that’s always so weird to me). The movie also stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Kingsley, and Alfred Molina.


On to the important stuff, Gemma’s hair! These days Gemma is wearing her hair in this cute shoulder-length long bob. The cut looks great her, but the brunette shade is fantastic. I really love a good brunette. Gemma had such beautiful skin and eyes. She’s lovely.


She wore this top-knot updo to the Clash of the Titans premiere. I like her in minimal makeup.


Here is Gemma with a much more casual, messy updo.


Gemma has said she never gets recognized because she changes her hair so much. She has had a few different hairstyles, but she’s never really changed the color that much (except for going red in Quantum of Solace! Thanks Chris!) This blunt black bob was for a role. She looks totally different.

After the break, Gemma with long hair, red hair, more!


Gemma had these crazy extensions for her role in Clash of the Titans. Hmm. Maybe that’s the deal with Jessica Alba’s weird extensions?


Gemma with red hair for her roll in Quantum of Solace. Thanks for the tip Chris! It would help if I, you know, actually ever watched movies. 😉


I like Gemma with short hair much better. This retro wave hairstyle is so great on her.


She gives good side-smile. Topped off with a hat in 2007.


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