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Brazilian Blowout Acai Hair Care


Last weekend I stopped by Urbanic Paper Boutique in Venice to pick up my invitations and the owner, Audrey, asked me to do some research into the Brazilian Blowout Acai Hair Care products. Audrey said she’d had the Brazilian Blowout and was loving it, but wasn’t sure if the aftercare line was really worth the money. I told her I’d get right on it! (By the way, love Urbanic. Our invites turned out fantastic! It’s the cutest shop. LA girls, you must go!)

So, at the Argyle Salon & Spa event yesterday, I asked everyone about the Brazilian Blowout Acai Hair Care products, and they all recommended using the line because it extends the life of your blowout. And Jordana from Dino-Clark Salon even tested it on her own hair after a Brazilian Blowout, using the Brazilian Blowout Acai products on one side of her head and another high-quality, sulfate-free shampoo and anti-frizz conditioner on the other. She said that the non-Brazilian Blowout Acai side got frizzier and wavier about two weeks sooner!

Jordana explains that the Acai line contains many of the active ingredients that are in the Brazilian Blowout treatment itself, so every time you use the Acai Hair Care you’re helping to enhance and deposit a bit more of that protective layer to keep the cuticle smooth and shiny. If you opt not to use the Brazilian Blowout Acai line, make sure you at least use another high-quality, sulfate-free line.

For those of you who are thinking about trying the Brazilian Blowout and the Brazilian Blowout Acai Aftercare products, mention this post when booking your first Brazilian Blowout with Jordana Lorraine and you will receive a free set of the Brazilian Blowout Acai Hair Care products.

More tips on extending the life of your Brazilian Blowout after the break.

Here are some more tips for protecting and extending your Brazilian Blowout:

  • Don’t shampoo too often. Two to three times a week is sufficient for most people’s hair. If your hair needs to be refreshed, but isn’t greasy, try rinsing and conditioning, without using shampoo.
  • Use the Brazilian Blowout Deep Conditioning Masque about twice a month. Leave it in for about 20 minutes.
  • When you go in the pool or ocean, get your hair wet with tap water first, put conditioner in it, then clip it up or even wear a cap. It’s OK to use a basic conditioner for this, as the purpose is to create a barrier from the water.
  • Use the Brazilian Blowout Daily Smoothing Serum. This also contains the active ingredients from the treatment and will help enhance the results. It can be used when blow-drying, or when air-drying for a wavy look. But fine-haired gals may want to skip this one, as it could make your hair flat.
  • Repeat your Brazilian Blowout before it has faded away completely. There is a cumulative effect, so this will help your next treatment last longer and minimize the downtime of the cycle when waves begin to return.