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Bad Hair Day


Have you ever cried over a bad haircut? If so, you’re not alone. A recent poll by ShopSmart, a magazine published by Consumer Reports, showed that a fourth of women (26%) have cried after getting a haircut. Forty-four percent say their mood has been affected by a bad hair day and a third say they have regretted a style change.

So, tell me–have you guys ever cried over a bad haircut? Whenever I went to a new stylist, I use to ask them to tell me their best story about a client freaking out in their chair. But I never got a very good answer. They probably weren’t too eager to tell me about clients who hated their haircuts/color! But I’ve always been so curious about it! I’ve never cried or freaked out, thankfully. But I have not been thrilled with a few cuts–mainly when stylists make my hair too choppy by adding too many layers. Stylists love to layer my hair because it’s fine and they always think more layers = more volume, which is true up to a point. Anyway. Tell me your horror stories!



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