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The Price of … Lip Gloss


Have you guys seen the ads for Jessica Simpson‘s new VH1 reality show The Price of Beauty? Jessica and her two BFFs, Cacee Cobb and celeb hairstylist Ken Paves, will travel to seven different nations to see what lengths women will go to in the name of beauty.

In an interview for Oprah, Ken Paves explained that after exploring the definition of beauty around the world, he and Jessica came home with a new perspective of America’s beauty industry. “I actually came back a bit embarrassed and a bit ashamed of the industry that I’m in,” Ken said. “Because the industry that I’ve been a part of and was so proud of in the beginning has alienated so many people and done exactly what it’s done to Jessica and many of the women I’m sure that sit here. [It’s] made them feel like they don’t fit within that idea of beauty.” Ken says this adventure reinforced his belief that real women and real beauty should be celebrated.

Hmm. I never know what to think when people talk about “real women”. Aren’t we all real women? But anyway… The show sounds interesting. Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves are very watchable, so I will be tuning in to see what I think. It airs Monday, March 15th.

After the break, I review Ken Paves Lip Surge in Jaw Dropping Vixen and a preview clip of The Price of Beauty.


In related news, Ken Paves has his own line of hair extensions, styling tools, hair and skin care products, and cosmetics at ShopKenPaves.com. I recently got the chance to test out his Lip Surge Enhanced Lip Treatment in Jaw Dropping Vixen.

The claims: Basically this gloss claims to hydrate, exfoliate, rejuvenate and protect the lips–all in one product. Ingredient claims–Hyaluronic Acid, to boost lip volume increasing moisture retention; Tri-Peptide 1, to promote and build new collagen as it protects lips from free radical damage; Benzyl Nicotinate, to increase blood flow for immediate gratification and hydration; Retinyl Palmitate, to assist in increasing collagen and moisture retention; Tocopheryl Acetate, as a natural defense against harmful UV rays and to prevent collagen breakdown.

My Take: As usual, nothing you topically put on your lips is going to increase volume or boost collagen, but that said, I did like this stuff a lot. When you put it on there is that cool tingle that’s present in a lot of the lip plumper glosses (thanks to the Benzyl Nicotinate), but it wears off pretty quickly. Unlike a lot of other lip plumpers, it’s also fairly moisturizing. It smells really good–like cherry frosting! The color I tried, Jaw Dropping Vixen, is nicely pigmented, metallic, bronze rose shade.  Price: $11.25

Check out a preview clip of The Price of Beauty:

An editorial sample of the gloss was provided by the company so I could review this product. Please see my About page for further information on Disclosure policies.

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