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Shear Genius Sneak Peek

Tomorrow night (Wednesday 3/24 @ 10/9c) is Shear Genius night! Wow, already? Time is flying right now. Here is the synopsis: It’s crunch time at the salon with only four stylists left. Is the pressure of the competition getting to be too much for some? The rivalries strengthen as the contestants try to advance closer to become the next Shear Genius, but one stylist doesn’t make the cut. Who will it be?

When finalists arrive in the salon, they learn that other competitors must select a tool, a style and an inspiration for them to use on their model. Celebrity stylist Mark Townsend is on hand for this challenge. For the Elimination round, Allure’s Editor-in-Chief Linda Wells joins to judge as the stylists must update hairstyles from classic Hollywood movies for an editorial-style photo shoot. But when remaining contestant mouths-off on her frustration with some of the other contestants, will she be able to keep it all together to complete the challenge? 

Not Too Modern: Orlando Pita makes Matthew second guess himself.

Calling Out Brig: Brig rubs Janine the wrong way. Again…. Some more.

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