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Pampered Pet


This is OPI Red My Fortune Cookie. It’s from the OPI Hong Kong collections, which I am in love with. All the colors are so cool. See that girl in the mirror? That’s me wearing a T-shirt I bought in the Junior’s department at Kohl’s for $4.99. What if this becomes one of those style blogs? That would be weird. (p.s. I promise to take better pictures in the future.)


This is my dog. He’s annoyed because I’m taking blurry pictures of my nails instead of taking him for a walk.


He’s practicing mind control in this picture. The other day, Ebbie got a shampoo and a haircut at Tailwashers in Franklin Village, which by the way, is an awesome place. Ebbie is picky about his grooming, but they are so good to him and do an excellent job. Plus, when he comes home, he smells ridiculously good–like blueberries! And the smell lasts for days. What ever doggie shampoo they use there is the bomb; I should call and ask them. Actually, I am calling. … OK, the woman at Tailwashers said the great smell might have been from the blueberry facial they gave him! (Um. My dog gets facials. I live in LA.)


They use South Bark’s “3 in 1” Blueberry Facial. It’s a face wash, body shampoo, and overall brightener all in one, and it can be used on dogs or cats. (Um, if I had used this on my cat, she would have moved out.)¬† I think the shampoo they used on Ebbie was Aloe Bluing Shampoo with Optical Brightener from Nature’s Specialty, which is suppose to brighten and enhance the color of your pet’s coat. It contains Aloe Vera and Panthenol to help soothe and add moisture to the skin and coat. Aw, my spoiled little mutt…


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