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Must See: High Society


Speaking of reality TV, which I’m pretty much always doing, have you guys been watching Tinsley Mortimer’s new show on the CW, High Society? This is can’t miss televisions, people. It’s vital.

It’s hard to know where to begin when explaining this show… It’s about sad Tinsley, the 34-year-old divorcee who recently dumped her super rich husband Topper Mortimer. (Yes, Tinsley & Topper.) You may know Tinsley from her feud with The City‘s Olivia Palermo back in 2007 over who was the number-one “It Girl” of the New York social scene. Yes, for realz. Tinsley spends her time on the show distractedly applying lip gloss while her friends throw drinks in each other’s faces.


So the real show is about her disturbing trainwrecky friends, like Jules Kirby, who doesn’t like black people, Jews, gay people, or hotel staff, and was arrested for ripping down an American flag in the Hamptons, allegedly burned down her parent’s house, and faked cancer to get sympathy cash. Awesome human alert!

More on the cast of High Society and a video of Jules Kirby freaking the f out, after the break.


Tinsley’s sister Dabney Mercer is also on hand. She lives in a hotel room with Jules. (Crazy.) Self proclaimed “It Boy” Paul Johnson Calderon doesn’t seem to be an actual friend of Tinsley, but is on the show because he’s BSC. Major accomplishments? Going to rehab and learning nothing and having some sort of purse stealing related scandal. Also, sworn enemy of Jules.

You kinda have to see this mess to believe this mess. A video to give you a taste of Jules ability to play well with others rage out when coming down:


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