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More Rachel Vs Taylor DRAMZ


It’s the fashion/reality TV DRAMZ that just keeps on giving! Page Six is now reporting that split between Rachel Zoe and Taylor Jacobson that went from somewhat amicable to downright nasty, was due to Rachel firing Taylor in a fight over high-priced designer clothes that went missing from the company’s closet. Implication being: Taylor stole the clothes to fill her closet? Hmm. I’m calling major foul on this one. Seems like a spin by Camp Zoe.

If you recall, I posted back in January about Rachel Zoe going “ballistic” about Taylor Jacobson leaving her company instead of Rachel getting the chance to fire her. And supposedly, as soon as Taylor spilt, RZ “began masterminding the blacklist campaign against her former assistant.”

A call to Page Six seems in line with a blacklist campaign, now doesn’t it? Plus, Taylor always seemed like a professional, a grumpy professional, but a professional nonetheless! I can’t image her stealing clothes from her job? One she truly seemed to value.

The third season of The Rachel Zoe Project debuts sometime this year, although when is any one’s guess since they have not announced a date. Still, this show just won’t be the same without Taylor.