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Long Time No Ashlee


I wrote about Ashlee Simpson‘s hair color and extensions a lot there for a while. I get on a jag with specific celebrities and I can’t stop following their every hair move. Like Rumer Willis. I could not get off that girl’s jock! And she’s so random.


I’ve been ignoring Ashlee for a bit, but check it out. In the time I’ve been away, well. Nothing has changed. Ashlee’s hair is still bottle black. If we’re going to go the bottle route (even though I know it’s not really from a bottle) I prefer her with the fake red color. But still. I’m use to this black color on her now. It isn’t terrible. It’s a look. And she does have pretty, pale skin to complete the whole vampire vibe.


Weird that Ashlee did the whole Hollywood hair thing for a while. What was this all about? Maybe pressure from her Dadager. Well, whatevez. She seems more herself now. I think?

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