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L’Oréal Elnett Satin Hairspray

L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin use to be the hairspray you only heard whispers about and were dying to try yourself. It was the hairspray used by stylist in Europe for years, but illegal in the U.S. since 1987. There were stories of American stylist snatching it up on photo shoots and smuggling it back to the states like illicit contraband. But recently L’Oreal revamped Elnett Satin, removing the ozone-damaging flourocarbon propellants, and release it in the U.S. This caused major excitement from both beauty editors and hairstylists, and a major media campaign from L’Oreal. You can’t flip through a magazine these days without seeing an ad for Elnett Satin.


When I first tried Elnett Satin hairspray in the Extra Strong Hold formula, I didn’t have bangs and didn’t use hairspray very much. But then I got a haircut that required more spray and I became obsessed with this stuff. It’s easily my favorite hairspray now, and I thought it was worth a second look. As I said the first time, I love how fine this stuff is. It’s so light that you can easily work with your hair after applying it and can run your fingers through it without snagging. It’s not at all wet or sticky and does not dry crunchy, which I hate. It gives lift and hold without stiffness.


At first, the smell bugged me–it’s kind of old lady-ish. But now I’ve gotten use to it and I don’t mind it. Plus, it fades pretty quickly. Tip: If you find that the nozzle gets clogged, causing the hairspray to spray in crazy directions or not spray at all, just run it under hot water and you’re good to go. But you probably knew that already. 😉 You can find Elnett Satin at Target. Price: 11 oz. / $14.99

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