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Kristen vs Dakota


The premiere of The Runaways was at the ArcLight yesterday, and on the way to the gym I drove by as they were setting up. People were all ready lined up waiting and the red carpet was rolled out…


Not loving Kristen Stewart‘s boob dress. And it’s pink! But, of course, she changed out of it for the after party…


You know, I have been pretty positive regarding Kristen Stewart, even though I said she should go to college, but only because I think it would be good for her! I saw her interviewed yesterday about The Runaways and she was talking about how crazy her life is right now and how she was at another movie premiere this week already and presented at the Oscars. I just got this feeling that she has now idea how lucky she is and she thinks this ride is going to last forever… Maybe it will. But maybe it won’t. Playing the game as a moody, pouty actress might be cute when you’re her age, but it’s going to get old fast. And she already rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Everyone has to grow out of the everything is bullshit attitude. Take note: Taylor Momsen.


On the other hand, Dakota Fanning is all sweetness and light. She seems to knocks everyone out with her professionalism, and will probably never have trouble getting work if she continues like this. That said, I have a hard time relating to perfect people.

What do you guys think: Kristen or Dakota?