I Heart Leila Lou


I picked up this random perfume oil a while back at Yolk, a cute little shop in my neighborhood of Silver Lake. It’s Leila Lou by Rosie Jane Cosmetics. Leila Lou is made with 100% essential oils and smells so fresh and delicious. I actually put a little on while I was browsing the shop, left, and was forced to come back a few hours later because I just had to purchase the scent. It smells fantastic and I couldn’t live another day without owning it.

It smells like springtime in a bottle and doesn’t fade in two seconds like other essential oils I’ve used. Sometimes I buy things like this impulsively, but don’t end up using them everyday. I’ve used this little bottle of deliciousness practically every day since I purchased it. I just love it. And every time I put it on my BF says, that smells so good!

Another plus: Rosie Jane uses 100% recycled and recyclable materials and no box, so there is reduced waste and greenhouse gases. There is also the Leila Lou ‘GIVE BACK’ program. Simply return three empty Leila Lou perfume bottles to the company, and they will send you your 4th bottle free! How cool is that? Go here for details.  Price: $38.00 / 0.17 fl oz