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How To: Charlize's Oscar Hair


Charlize Theron‘s Christian Dior at the Oscar was a miss for me. The lavender color and the silhouette is pretty on her, but I am not wild about the slightly heavy looking satiny fabric. And wtfug with those boob flowers? The minute you tried that dress on wouldn’t you say: OMG BOOB FLOWERS?


Try to ignore those and check out Charlize’s hair instead. Her longtime hairstylist, Enzo Angileri, created the pretty, polished style. “To create this look I needed a very smooth texture and lots of natural-looking shine,” he explained.

How To Create Charlize’s Oscar Look:

  • Angileri used the new Moroccanoil Light, made especially for fine and light colored hair, on Charlize’s wet strands before blow-drying to ensure her hair looked smooth and perfect. “After that about 50% of my work was done,” Angileri said. “I had a texture that was workable, healthy-looking and naturally beautiful.”
  • Angileri then created a low, classic bun by rolling hair around clockwise, held in place with several bobby pins, to complete the classic polished look.
  • He finished the style with a light misting of Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray to give Charlize’s hair an extra touch of red carpet glamour for the cameras.
  • The look was held in place with hairspray.