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Glam Headbands Giveaway!


When I was a no-bang gal, I just pulled my hair into a ponytail when I went running, but now that I have bangs I have to deal with the annoying issue of what to do with them when I’m working out… Do I clip them back with bobby pins? (Not terribly cute.) Slip all my hair back with a headband? (Can be too tight on my head.) I tell ya; it’s an issue.

Recently, I was checking out, and first of all, I was blown away by how many style options they had! You can sort by every color in the rainbow, band width, and a million different style choices, like metallic vegan leather, lace, double band, polka dots, sequins, and many more. But what really caught my eye was the design–they’re non-slip, adjustable headbands, which were originally designed for athletes. They’re lined with velvet to prevent the headbands from slipping and then trimmed with adjustable elastic to comfortably fit all head sizes.  The headbands’ adjustability not only ends headband headaches, but also prevents the headband from ever stretching out because the elastic can be set to a tighter setting. Plus! They’re super reasonably priced between $10 to $16. Sweet.

And as you guys know, there is nothing I love more than giveaways. So, specially for my fashionable and athletic readers,  courtesy of, I’m giving away one $75.00 gift certificate to a lucky Hair On The Brain reader! That means the winner will be able to pick out whatever Glam headbands they want on the site! How fun. I’m actually kinda jealous. Can I enter my own giveaway?  😉

This giveaway has now closed. And the lucky winner is #17 Lacretia! Congrats. And everyone else,be sure to enter the rest of the giveaways!