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At What Price?


I finally got around to watching Jessica Simpson’s new VH1 show, The Price of Beauty last night. It was the second episode of the series, where Jessica, Cacee and Ken Paves go to Paris to check out the fashion world. The show mixes serious and lighthearted content–a trip to the spa to meeting with an anorexic model–pretty decently. I’d expected Jessica to continue her ditsy persona from Newlyweds with Nick Lachey. But here she comes across more grown up, grounded, and likable. Cacee and Ken don’t do a whole lot, but they’re ok too.


Although, I really didn’t need to see Ken Paves submerged in a vat of wine. Thanks.

In the Paris episode, Jessica was invited to walk the runway at a Ozlem Suer fashion show.


Which was picked up by a ton of photographers and presented without comment, as they say. And I posted it! I had no idea why she was on the runway. And I included a semi-unkind comment. But now having seen the show, I feel bad because she was feeling the pressure to fit into an industry that she obviously does not fit into and freaking out about having to walk down the runway. Hmm. Sorry, Jessica. You’re gorgeous.

Have you guys watched The Price of Beauty? What do you think?

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