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Working Girl


Whitney Port is so cute! Aw. Lookit the cute face she’s making. Whit was spotted filming a commercial in SoHo on Monday (Feb 8) looking all kinds of adorable. She’s also filming the upcoming season of The City. At least I have that show. The Hills may suck now that Lauren Conrad is gone, but I do love The City. They really stepped it up last season.

Whitney Port

How nice of the paparazzi to get a shot of the back of Whitney’s hair. I wish they would always do that because I’m curious about the back. Anyway, cute hair, right?

Speaking of reality shows, are you guys watching Whitney’s old People’s Revolution boss Kelly Cutrone‘s reality show Kell on Earth? Of course, I am. It’s such a high-tension work place; I feel anxious just watching them. I can’t imagine what it would be like to actually work there. That said, I feel like some of it is unnecessary stress. Kelly should skip those dead weight interns, for example. They just seem underfoot (and brain dead). I liked her idea of making them pay $1o,000 to work in her office. I bet people would! Mostly, I like Kelly. (Although, the whole thing about everyone being a prostitute in the first episode bugged.) What do you guys think?