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Valentine's Day


You guys are going to see Valentine’s Day when it comes out February 12th, right? Like 10,000 celebrities are in it, so you kind of have to. The stars hit the red carpet for the film’s premiere in LA on Monday night (Feb. 8). A very blonde Jessica Alba is in the movie. I definitely like her much better as a brunette, although I’m not loving her hair here. It looks like she got caught in the rain or something. Also, hating this outfit and her shoes. Ugh. Her styling was much better on The Ellen Show.


Not feeling this feathery dress on Anne Hathaway either. It’s a bit too short on her. She looks uncomfortable. Her hair and makeup are simple and pretty though.

Jessica Biel, Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts at the Valentine’s Day premiere after the break.


Hmm. I don’t know about Jessica Biel‘s dress either. It looks a little much for a movie premiere. She is gorgeous though. Such perfect skin.


Jennifer Garner‘s dress seems the most appropriate for the event. I’m not in love with it or anything, but she looks pretty good. The best of the four? What do you guys think?


Oh wait! Julia Roberts and her niece Emma Roberts are also in this movie (plus like a million other people). Julia’s hair has been looking really terrific lately.