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Taylor Being Cute


Taylor Swift just finished up her tour in Australia and was spotted at the airport in Sydney today (Feb. 13) to catch a flight to Tokyo with a bunch of Valentine’s Day bags.

A couple things: I wonder in she read John Mayer‘s Playboy article. Seriously, Taylor! You can’t date a guy with a mouth like that. Knowing that he’s clearly going to talk shit about you in interviews after you break up? And not just a little shit–talk in graphic detail about having sex with you. And you know in John Mayer’s skeevy mind that Taylor Swift is the biggest get because she has a reputation of being a sweet, virginal girl in the media. He cannot wait to screw, dump and blab.Let’s hope she’s figured all this out–or her publicity team has calmly explained it. I understand the bad boy appeal, but he’s not bad, just gross.

And also, Taylor is getting some bad reviews for Valentine’s Day. Have any of you seen it yet? What did you think?


And another thing: Taylor is into headbands right now! She wore one today to the airport and another one walking around Sydney while shopping with her mom. Cute!