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Shear Genius Episode 4 Recap


OK, bad news first. No exit interview with this week’s booted Shear Genius contestant Adee… He isn’t doing interviews. Hmm. Is he scared what we might have to say to him? I was going to try to be nice! Since there is no interview, let’s do an episode recap and then there is a special treat, so check back later…

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First up was the Short Cut Challenge, which featured celebrity stylist Harry Josh–otherwise known as the guy who does Gisele Bundchen’s hair. The stylists had to incorporate fresh flowers into their hairstyles, and try to make the hair and flowers look like one.

As the stylists got to work on their models, Adee once again doesn’t know his ass from his elbow when it come to color. Remember in episode two during the Short Cut Challenge with the blonde models when Adee freaks out because he’s had a color assistant do everything for him for years? Well, that comes into play again when Adee can’t even remember how to warm up a virgin brown hair and Mathew has to help him. It makes me wonder if Adee ever really did color, or if he’s always just cut. Plus, don’t you think he would have brushed up on color when he knew he was coming on a hairstyling show? It’s like going on Survivor without knowing how to swim or make a fire or Fear Factor with a weak stomach… Janine very generously says Adee is super talented, but has gotten so far in his career that he’s forgot some of the basics. But I feel like we never really saw the great hairstylist Adee is suppose to be—we just saw a lot of big talk.


On this Short Cut challenge, he makes his model look like a flower child Ronald McDonald. Not a good look, and he goes into the bottom two…


Along with Jon, who did a super purple look that Harry Josh did not love. Jon showed the world how he felt about that in the confessional by flicking off the camera with his still purple fingers. Jon, you’re totally growing on me.

Sooo much more after the break!


The top two are April and Brian. Brian use a facial mud mask to get his models hair to look, well, mud, and then applied a red color so her hair looked like the bud of a flower. I did not love this. It seemed too simple and like something you’d see in a cheesy spa ad. Plus, it was kind of gross. Muddy pink hair? But, he won.


April came in second. Her model’s hair was frizzy with little blue wildflowers all over it, which matched the model’s beautiful blue eyes. This hair would have been pretty for an editorial shot, but not so much in real life.


Moving on. The Elimination Challenge this week was made of straight-up awesomeness. It took place at an Indian wedding, and the challenge was to take eight bridesmaids’ hair from wedding hair to reception hair. And guess who the guest judge was? Tabatha Coffey! So awesome. If you recall, she was eliminated on her season of Shear Genius on a wedding challenge. I know Tabatha has her own Bravo show, but she should so be a full-time judge on Shear Genius. She brings so much to the show–she knows what the contestants are going through, she’s a great hairstylist with tons of experience, she doesn’t take excuses, and she makes for great TV.


For the challenge, the bridesmaids are paired up with stylist and they have an hour to do hair. Orlando Pita is there (yay) and he comes around to see how things are going. A lot of the stylists have trouble getting their bridesmaids to do anything with their hair. In particular, Adee and Brig are struggling. Brig describes her client as “fussy” and says she’s finally met her match. Brig ends up doing the weirdest wedding hair I have ever seen. She puts three little cornrows in, flat irons it, and applies enough product to make it look greasy. Um, good job, Brig. Meanwhile, Adee’s model is sticking to her guns. She wants her hair down and boring. Adee finally convinces her to put a little wave in, but that’s it. When Orlando stops by, he gently encourages Adee to suggest some other looks to his model, but shockingly Adee insists he’s done everything he can do and ignores world-famous hair stylist, Orlando Pita.

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At the actual wedding reception, the judges review the bridesmaids finished hair. [Side Note: At first I was like, who would want this at their wedding reception? And then I was like, wait I would want this at my wedding reception! In fact, that would be my totally dream come true to look over on my wedding day and see a table of Kim Vo, Jonathan Antin and Tabatha Coffey with her bitch face on.]


The standout to me was totally Janine’s! She rocked this. The shine and wave was just fab on her modified ponytail. I was happy she was in the top three, along with Jon, whose hair was also really great. He did an amazing job incorporating extensions.


Brian won the whole thing by making his model super happy and exceeding her expectations because at first she wanted to wear her hair down, but he convinced her to pin it to one side. This is totally why he won, even though I think overall Janine’s was better.

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The bottom three: Adee, Amy and Brig. Amy’s updo was ridiculous (see above). I feel like Amy might be the next to go. Her hair has been really bad for a while now and her taste level is just off. The updo she did was so dated–it looked like something you’d get from a Super Cuts in Texas. Apologies to Texas, Super Cuts. Still though, she talked her model into doing something, so she got to stay.

And Brig gets to stay because she wears roller skates and dresses like Cinderella on acid. Even though she got into a screaming match with Tabatha during judging. You know she was eating up every minuet of that, Bravo commercials dancing in her head. The best part was after, when the stylists were waiting backstage during the judges deliberation, and Janine was like: She’s crazy (pointing to Brig). Hee! Can I just say Bravo BETTER have a reunion show for this?

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And yes, Adee gets the boot. I agreed with the Jonathan Antin—who had the best line of the night (and maybe of all time) I’m borderline pissed off about that hair. It was Adee’s job to show his model that maybe she wanted something other than down and boring hair. And even if he did do a plain hairstyle, he should have been able to make it look way better than it did! The point is, to try and try until the end. Adee admitted he was scared and froze up. So, bye-bye, Adee! Pack up your shears and go.

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