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Miley in Herve Leger


Ok, I hate this betch, but her dress is pretty cool. Miley Cyrus rocked a mini Herve Leger bandage dress in a marbleized almost bluish black with gladiator heels at the Grammy Awards last night. I love the open stitching, I just wish it was a tad longer–like one more strip. It’s perfectly accessorized with an assortment of long necklaces.


It looks really blue here (more like the shade Taylor Swift wore) but I think it’s the lighting. I like her hair down and wavy with this dress, it’s perfect for the Grammy Awards, but seriously I wish we would collectively get over this let’s glue as much hair as we possibly can into our head thing. It’s so predictable and boring. And I don’t even think it looks good! That’s just too much damn hair. No one really has that much hair in real life. It’s like having impossibly big boob jobs–it just screams fake. I think Miley’s hair would look so much better with a little weight and length taken off. What do you guys think?

Miley brought her Mom to the Grammy Awards and not her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. Oh and, Miley says she’s not engaged to Liam and just likes to wear a ring on her ring finger. Yeah, yeah. We’ve heard that before. How about you pick a different finger when everything you do is analyzed by the paparazzi? Oh yeah. You’re career depends on being in tabloids. I forget sometimes!