Mary-Kate & Ashley's New Line


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were promoting their new clothing line, Olsenboye, on Good Morning America today (Feb. 3). Olsenboye is inspired by teen trends and is available at JCPenney for between $20 and $50. Mary-Kate and Ashley already have two other fashion collections, The Row and Elizabeth & James, which are more pricey, so it’s genius of them to get into this lower-end market. I checked out the Olsenboye looks and they’re okay. Pretty basic teen wear.


And I’m all for celebs having clothing lines, because it’s interesting to see their style translated into a saleable line, especially if they are actually serious about fashion and hire talented people to design the clothing. It’s not like the majority of celebs are actually designing the clothes. Although, I know Mary-Kate and Ashley are way into it, so they are the exception, as well as Whitney Port, who obviously had a career in fashion before she became a celeb. But I think the majority of celebrity fashion lines are quickly thrown together, not thought out, and poorly constructed. There are exceptions, but I think that’s been the rule, especially for the less expensive lines.

Just wondering, have any of you loved a particular celeb clothing line? And don’t say Heidi Montag.¬† ūüėČ