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Interview with Janine from Shear Genius Season 3!


Are you guys watching this season of Shear Genius? Last night was the second episode of the season, and if you’re into hair, you must check out this show. While it’s on, I’m in my happy place. In one hour, Orlando Pita, Jonathan Antin, Kim Vo are all doling out hair styling advice, there are major hair tragedies happening, plus, serious hair mastery. Brilliant!


Faithful HOTB readers may remember that I interviewed Irene from Hairroin Salon in Hollywood about the rad short haircut she gave Karla of Karlascloset.com. Well, the owner of Hairroin Salaon, Janine Jarman, is on Shear Genius and she’s on my short list to take home the whole thing. She won the first elimination challenge and was safe last night—even though I thought her hairstyle should have put her in the top three. Janine has been going hair since she was 14 and her celeb clients include Fergie, Britney Spears, Scarlett Johansson and Christina Applegate, Carmen Electra and The Pussycat Dolls. Janine is my fav on the show, so I was super excited when she agreed to an interview!

Hair on the Brain: Why did you decide to try out for this season of Shear Genius?

Janine Jarman: I wanted to do something new and fun. As well as offer some great exposure for Hairroin Salon and myself.

HOTB: Were you a fan of the past seasons?

Janine: I didn’t watch the past seasons in their entirety, but from what I saw it seemed pretty challenging. I was happier with our challenges for season three though.

HOTB: What was the audition process like?

So much more of my interview with Janine, plus more behind the scenes Shear Genius pics after the break!

Janine: It was grueling! [There was a] background check, psychiatric evaluation (apparently a few crazes slipped through) and the suspense! We weren’t informed that we got on until about 24 hours before we all vanished for six weeks!

HOTB: What do you think was your downfall during that first shortcut challenge with the punk girls? You said you felt pretty comfortable doing that type of hair since Hairroin Salon attracts that type of clientele.

Janine: The downfall was the fact that the glue would not come out of her hair, making it impossible to get the color out let alone get a comb through. I used up all my time trying to get the glue out and not enough time styling and cutting. Time management was the lesson learned.

HOTB: What was it like working with Jonathan Antin?

Janine: Well… He’s a personality for sure. We have a fair share of head butting.

HOTB: What did you think of the other judges and mentors?

Janine: I loved all our mentors. That was probably my favorite parts of being on the show. Orlando Pita is my hair idol.


HOTB: Did you get along with any of the other contestants?

Janine: Matthew is my new besty, and I adore Faatemah. For the most part, I like just about everyone on the show… Almost everyone.

HOTB: What’s the deal with Brig? She came across so strange and contrived on TV. Was she like that in real life or was she “edited that way”?

Janine: I think she stands a better chance acting for a career rather then doing hair.

HOTB: In general, I find myself wishing Shear Genius showed more of the techniques the stylists used, like that braiding technique you used on your L*Space Swimwear model. They would cut to you and show you doing hair, and I wanted details! I understand that Bravo is trying to make an action-packed reality show, but I would love some hair how-to’s thrown in there. Do you think the viewers getting enough actual hair styling portrayed on Shear Genius?


Janine: I think, as the cast gets smaller there will be more about the techniques. But it’s hard to get you to know 12 people, three judges, and a mentor all in 60 minutes. But I do agree that the audience would like to know a little more about the process. Perhaps s.g3 instructional online to come?

HOTB: Did you feel that the cast was fairly matched in terms of ability this season?

Janine: I think they did a great job on casting talented and accomplished hairdressers this season. But of course, they had to make it a little more interesting by sprinkling in a few freaks. It’s no fun to just watch people doing a good job and getting along, I guess.

HOTB: What can we be ready for on the rest of this season’s Shear Genius? I’m picking you as early winner!

Janine: Top to bottom and bottom to top! It’s surprising episode-to-episode who gets sent home because it doesn’t matter how much you win or how good you do collectively it’s all base on the challenge at hand. Nail biting and nerve racking to say the least.

HOTB: Anything else you would like to add about your experience on Shear Genius?

Janine: I’m really glad I did it. It pushed me to my limits and made me really appreciate my team at Hairroin Salon. And it’s never OK to share a bedroom with half a dozen hairdressers again. 🙂

Thanks, Janine! We’re rooting for you.

You can visit Janine and the rest of her talented staff in Hollywood at:

Hairroin Salon
1553 North Cahuenga Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 467-0392



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