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How To Make It In America


I watched the premiere episode of HBO’s How To Make It In America last night. Mainly because the billboards are all over LA and I was curious. And, well, HBO has some good shows. About five minutes in I was about to turn it off because it seemed to be trying to hard to come off like a cool kid’s Entourage with the candid party photos, but then somehow I got sucked in. Still though, it’s a rather typical storyline. Two down on their luck twenty somethings trying to make a go of it in the big city by any means necessary. Wacky hijinks that ensue. Semi-yawn. Yet Bryan Greenberg is pretty nice to watch. He’s got really long legs and he had on the best gray jacket throughout the show. And guess who makes a guest staring appearance? Samaire Armstrong! I was worried about her after she was taken off her Dirty Sexy Money contract to go to rehab. Guess she’s back in business.


Bryan Greenberg. Did he use to model or something? Seriously. Look at the way he’s standing. Hiiii.


Lake Bell is the one who got away. Also, she kinda has a Snooki poof.


Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi makes his acting debut as one of the struggling/hustling friends on the show.


Shannyn Sossamon plays the art gallery friend. I know I’m suppose to love her by law, but I actually find her a little annoying. There. I said it.


Chloe Sevigny is not on this show, but was at the party. I can’t resist posting a picture of her, if given the opportunity. Lookit her bedhead. Hearts.


Agyness Deyn. Samesy! Not on the show. Loves a party. Are we sick of this haircut/color yet?



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