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Fergie Hairstyles


It looks like Fergie look a little length off her hair recently, doesn’t it? Here she is attending Playboy’s Super Saturday Night Party (Feb. 6) in Miami Beach at Sagamore Hotel.


And here she is at the 2010 Grammy Awards. Hmm… Could this possibly be all her own hair? Probably not. Fergie Ferg still has some tracks in there, I bet. But I do like that she doesn’t have such super long extensions anymore and has a lighter, more natural brown color. Although, she is a performer, so I understand why she’s had such extreme hairstyles. Some of them have been pretty cool. Let’s take a look back…


Super long extensions and an elaborate, braided pompadour.

Lots more Fergie hairstyles after the break.


Laura Croft-esque braided ponytail. Pretty cute.


In a weird way this kinda looks like Jessica Simpson. Long blonde extensions and fake-bake. Not feeling this on Fergie!


Long, extremely straight brown extension. Do I see two-toned hair? The extensions are too long, but overall I like this look on Fergie.


I have no words for this look.


Another long ponytail. This is actually pretty cool. She looks like a glam Barbie!