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Bad Tan Brad


As HOTB commenter Chris already pointed out, Bradley Cooper showed up on the red carpet of Valentine’s Day with a serious two-toned tan. Mystic Tan Founder, Ricky Croft, has a few suggestions for how Bradley can avoided this man tan misstep in the future…

The Art of Shaving: “Avoid hairy situations by shaving the night before any tanning session,” says Ricky. “Shaving closes the cells and makes skin very tight, therefore making skin unsusceptible to absorbing the tanner, waiting overnight will help the tan reach its potential.”

Fresh ‘n Clean: “Clean, freshly washed skin is the first step to a good tan,” explains Ricky. “Skin must be an even platform so that color grabs easily and evenly. Exfoliate before tanning and avoid body washes or after shaves that contain oils since it impedes the color process.”

Best Face Forward: Next time, The Coop needs to get his game face on with the Perfect Tan Kit, a complete self-tanning kit that delivers natural-looking results. This three-step set prevents unnatural color development and common mishaps associated with self-application. Ahem, hear that Bradley?