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You're So Money


You know that Tik Tok song that’s played on the radio ever 2.5 seconds? Well. You can thanks this betch: Ke$ha.


Get it? ‘Cause she’s so money, you guys! I admit that song is weirdly catchy/annoying, but the lyrics are just plain weird. The first time I heard it I couldn’t get over the Mick Jagger part: “And now, the dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swagger, but we kick em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger.”

Seriously? She only wants to party with dudes who look like 66 year-old grandfathers? I have a feeling Ke(the money symbol is silent)ha did not write that lyric.

But before I get too deep into the hate, I need to point out that some of the details on her Wiki page are kind of awesome. Maybe they’re constructed to create her ‘wild’ image. But, still. At least someone on her creative team is inventive. Here are the highlights:

  • Kesha lived in a shared house in Laurel Canyon when she first moved to LA where the Eagles recorded Hotel California. … Kinda cool.
  • Later, Kesha lived out of her gold 1978 TransAm. … Doubtful. I’d belive she lived out of her car, for like a night. But not a gold 1978 TransAm. Too staged. NEXT.
  • Kesha wanted Prince to produce her music, so she snuck into his Beverly Hills home where she was caught and thrown out, but not before Kesha managed to leave her demo with Prince, who never contacted her. … Dude, please. Straight out of Kesha’s Lifetime movie. 
  • Kesha had the chance to sing backup on Paris Hilton‘s second single, which lead to Kesha puking in Paris’ closet. … Please god let this one be true.) 
  • Probably the weirdest thing? Kesha was one of the families that Paris Hilton stayed with on The Simple Life.

And about puking in Paris’ closet, Kesha told EW: “Totally separate occasion [to The Simple Life], but yes, that did happen. They stayed in my house in Nashville when I was 17. Then fast forward six months, I’m out in LA, and I sing background vocals for her second single. And then that night we went to her house and we were all dancing, hanging out. Then I got overexcited and ralphed in her closet. I thought it was a bathroom… and it just so happened not to be a bathroom. It was a closet.”

EW: Did that end things with you and her?
K: That kind of ended the relationship right there.


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