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Young Hollywood Helps Haiti


Last night (Jan. 22), the stars came out for the Hope for Haiti Now Telethon: Taylor Swift and Vanessa Hudgens (how cute do these two look? Nice hair!), Ashley Tisdale, Kevin Jonas, Selena Gomez and Katy Perry were just some of the over 100 celebs who answered phones in NY and LA during the telethon. George Clooney helped organize the Hope for Haiti Now Telethon in the hopes that the songs and performances can help raise money for Haiti relief well into the future.


Vanessa, Ashley (looking rather orange) and Anna Kendrick. Who? Oh, duh: Twilight and Up in the Air. By the way, has anyone else read the book Up in the Air? I haven’t seen the movie, but based on the previews, it seems like it’s a lot different than the book, which was pretty dark.

More celebs at the Hope for Haiti Now Telethon after the break.


Katy Perry looking super wide-eyed. BTW, can that hat trend to be over now?

Hope-for-Haiti-Now-Telethon-kevin-jonas-Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa + Kevin. Vanessa does that same close-mouthed smile a lot. I think she’s trying to say: I may be a Disney star, but I’ve got a secret… Oh wait. You already saw naked pictures of my secret all over the Internet.